Leverage For Real Estate Investments is Alive & Well

Although all lenders have embraced the back to basics conservative lending principals there is still a way to acquire quality property with high leverage ratios. Credit Tenant Lenders specialize in credit tenant deals which are investment offerings that have long terms leases securing the real estate with tenants that have BBB+ or better credit.

75% leverage, and better, is available from these CTL’s. However, there is another way to achieve the above ratio or better – here’s how it would work. If the investor is a high net worth or accredited individual, their personal banker is usually receptive to increasing a personal credit line at Libor or Prime + 1 rates. That may translate into 3.5% to 4% money. That banker may also look to refinance a personal residence and lend the funds at the same rates.

The combination of a mortgage for 60% of the total purchase price at rates in the range of 7% to 7.25%, together with 30% to 40% from credit lines – the combined mortgage money could be in the low sixes and leverage 90% or more. What’s the lesson here? With all media pessimism aside, there are still creative ways to buy quality real estate.

There still is $3.4 trillion of commercial/multifamily mortgages outstanding in the U.S. And it will be many years before commercial real estate lending activity returns to the peak levels reached in 2006 and 2007. But the market will recover. One does not have to sit on the sidelines waiting for coach to put you in the game.